About Us

The law office was founded by Veljko Guberina in 1956.

From the very beginning, Guberina devoted himself to criminal law. As a young and ambitious attorney, he received, among other things, ex officio defense from the District Court in Belgrade, where he had served as an intern several years earlier.

His first defense, which received significant publicity, was in the case known as “Case on train no. 116 “. After that, he defended in many cases that have been the subject of public interest, such as Točilovac, Gutić, Assassination of the Turkish Ambassador in Belgrade, Šalinac, Group “Spider”, etc.

Guberina was one of the first Serbian defense attorneys who appeared before the Hague Tribunal (1996) in the case of Kremenović.

He defended 618 people charged with murder.

His work also influenced the changes in the criminal legislation of the former Yugoslavia, such as the defendant’s right to an attorney during the whole criminal proceedings and finally, at the end of his career, the abolition of the death penalty for which he fought throughout his working life.

Many prominent Serbian lawyers have passed through the office as associates, who brought with them the famous style of defense of Veljko Guberina.

After retiring Veljko Guberina, his grandson Vladimir Marinkov took over the officea and continued the fifty-year old tradition and high standards of work in the law office, with the constant advisory role of Guberina.

The Office still deals in criminal law, nowdays developing and expanding its activities in the area of civil, commercial, international as well as other branches of law.

The office has a rich experience in providing legal services in the field of:

  • General Criminal Procedures
  • High-tech crime
  • Organized crime
  • War crimes
  • Commercial crime
  • Proceedings before the Constitutional Court
  • Procedures before the European Court of Human Rights
  • Statutory administrative procedures
  • Other procedures for the protection of guaranteed human and other rights
  • Rehabilitation
  • Property disputes
  • Disputes on the ground of immovable property
  • Damage compensation
  • Restitution
  • Labor disputes
  • Family disputes
  • Probate
  • Non-contentious proceedings
  • Contracts
  • Economic disputes
  • Labor disputes
  • Contracts
  • Establishment of companies
  • Creation of general legal acts
  • Continuous provision of legal services to companies
  • In-house training for employers and employees for relevant legal issues
  • Legal services in the construction industry
  • Legal services in the field of information technology
  • Copyright
  • Authors’ disputes
  • Intellectual Property Law in Information Technology
  • Trademark law
  • Trademark disputes
  • Other legal services in the field of intellectual property



Vladimir Marinkov
Vladimir MarinkovAttorney

Born in Belgrade where he finished elementary school and grammar school, in 1998 he enrolled at the Faculty of Law of the University of Belgrade.


Aleksandar Kostić
Aleksandar KostićAttorney

Born in Užice. After successfully completing his undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade, he worked for two years at the Central Prison in Belgrade, where he gained valuable experience in psychological profiles and criminological personality types.


Mladen Aleksandrić
Mladen AleksandrićAttorney

Born in Kruševac, where he completed primary and secondary school, and then enrolled in the Faculty of Law at the University of Belgrade.


“The size of the defenders calling is to stay with your client even when you have to receive public hatred and feel at your shoulders what it means to be lonely in the battle, exposed to the anger and resentment of the environment in which you live.”

Veljko Guberina's thoughts spoken in closing arguments throughout the country