Vladimir Marinkov, Attorney/Managing Partner

Born in Belgrade, where he completed primary school and high school, and in 1998, he enrolled at the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade.

Upon completing his studies and legal traineeship, attorney Marinkov became independent and continued the fifty-year tradition of the law office of Veljko Guberina, with Guberina as his expert advisor.

As the demands of the job required, attorney Marinkov expanded the office with young and highly skilled associates, enabling him to provide a full range of legal services to both individuals and legal entities.

Throughout his career, he has been involved in numerous high-profile cases that attracted public interest. In addition to representing clients in cases of “classic criminality,” attorney Marinkov specializes in representing clients in the fields of high-tech crime, family law and child rights, as well as providing legal consulting and representation for legal entities.

A particular area of interest and extensive professional activity is human rights protection, where Vladimir Marinkov’s work on freedom of expression and privacy rights, including personal data protection, stands out.

In addition to managing the office, attorney Marinkov has continued his professional development and dedicated part of his time to training others, including his colleagues and the public. He is actively involved in training legal trainees and fellow attorneys, serving as a regular lecturer at the Legal Academy of the Serbian Bar Association. Attorney Marinkov is frequently invited as a guest lecturer at law faculties and postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Security Studies, where he teaches a short study program titled “Training for Data Protection Officers (DPO).” He also delivers lectures on various legal topics by invitation.

Vladimir Marinkov is a national expert and certified trainer for the Council of Europe on Article 10 of the European Convention (Freedom of Expression), as well as a certified trainer on the Council of Europe’s HELP platform. He is a member of the permanent working group of the Serbian Bar Association for amendments to criminal legislation. He is also an OSCE expert on the protection of victims’ rights in criminal proceedings.

By taking over the office of Veljko Guberina, attorney Vladimir Marinkov has continued the family tradition of law practice and has maintained the high standards of the office.

He speaks English and French languages, and has working knowledge of Russian language.

Team members

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